VIDEO: Chanel West Coast talks “Now You Know”, Signing To Young Money

Earlier this week, Xclusivezone got the  chance to link up with Young Money’s Chanel West Coast and sat down with her for an interview. She talks about her new mixtape ‘Now You Know’, the direction and sound of it, meeting Lil Wayne, signing to Young Money, her inspirations, working with French Montana, Honey Cocaine, Ty Dolla $ign and Snoop Dogg, who she wants to work with in the future, the state of Hip Hop, and the new seasons of MTV’s Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory. Shot and conducted by David Downer.

On signing to Young Money and meeting Lil Wayne:

Its crazy how it happened. I had been talking with Cash Money and Slim and I had went out to go meet him with Polow, cause I used to be signed with Polow. So I had made that connection already. Then I met my management, who work with Young Money and Wayne, they were like “We think Wayne would love you and want to sign you to Young Money so lets go out to Miami, play him your music and see what happens”. I know Wayne already knew me from being on Rob’s show and Wayne’s a fan of skateboarding and that whole lifestyle and Im really involved in that lifestyle too so he kinda already knew who I was already. I went to Miami and we played him my music in the studio. Wayne is quiet in that zone and he was just like listening. He didnt say alot but when he heard my one song, he was like “That shit was stupid”. Just hearing Wayne say that about my song I was like “Ok I think Im in. I think Im good”. So basically from that meeting in Miami, thats when it all happened.

On the state of Hip Hop:

I think that there are alot of new artists that came out that definitely deserve to be where they are. I think Hip Hop is at a state where its like, you could put out a not that good song with a really cool video on YouTube and all of sudden people are like they are a rapper. I dont think that thats what its about. I think it should be more about the music and not so much about the Instagram pics and the fucking videos. Obviously a great video is what every artist wants to do with their music and I want to make dope videos too but I like to focus on the music first. I think thats the problem with the state of music now is that people think its more about the other stuff and the quality of the music isnt even that great.




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