Kanye West Lauching Writing, Production Program for Youth in Chicago

Kanye West is doing his part to provide a positive outlet for the youth in the Chi. Next month, West’s Donda’s House nonprofit organization will join forces with the ARK of St. Sabina community center to implement the “Got Bars” music writing and production program for at-risk teens and young adults. Fellow Chicago rapper and aspiring politician Rhymefest has been appointed as the program’s director. “My mom spent her life as an educator and I am happy that Donda’s House can pick up her torch and honor her life’s mission,” West recently said in a statement.

The program will be a 10-week course for teens and young adults ages 15-24. Fest, the co-founder and assistant director of Donda’s House, will head the music and production teaching courses while his wife, Donnie Smith, an English teacher, will reportedly serve as the executive director.

“I am so happy to launch “Got Bars” to honor Kanye West’s mother’s memory and to fulfill one of my Aldermanic campaign goals,” said Rhymefest. “Got Bars” will change our youth musically, get them healthy and keep them busy in a creative, peaceful environment. I know it will be an even stronger program because of our partnership with the ARK of St. Sabina.” As well as providing a musical education, the program will also preach the benefits of working out, having a sound diet and other applicable life skills.

You can apply via DondasHouse.com. Applications are being received through Friday, August 2, 2013.



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