2 African students hospitalized in Russia, Ebola suspected


Two students from Guinea-Bissau have been taken to hospital in the Russian town of Oryol, some 350 km southwest of Moscow, to check for Ebola. They arrived in the country at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport and traveled to Oryol by bus.

The Rospotrebnadzor watchdog has confirmed that the two Guinea-Bissau citizens, from the African republic, are suspected of Ebola symptoms.

They are students at Oryol State University and were reportedly taken to a local hospital to go through medical tests on Thursday. They are being kept in the isolation unit of an infectious disease ward, following a blood examination. So far no results are available.

20-year old Monteyro Bolde Iyury and 23-year old Santoush Monteyro Ayuk Lidish both had a rise in their temperatures to 37.3 C, but these are back to normal now, a medical source told the Lifenews TV-channel.

Moreover, people, who have had contact with the patients, have…

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