Ebola False Flag : Media Caught Faking Ebola Illness Victims


I am fully convinced that the goal of the Ebola crisis is to vaccinate us with a contaminated vaccine.  This vaccine is made from rabies an causes rage / cannibalistic behavior / Zombie illness.  If we do not expose these fake news stories, we will be forced to take this vaccine.  I am taking precautions regardless if this whole thing is faked.  Washing hands regularly, keeping sanitizer handy, and avoiding sick people in general.  With all the illegal aliens coming into the country with respiratory illnesses, I am not going to risk my family.

This video goes into this information about the vaccine that is coming out very soon:


More footage:

Is our government really incompetent or are they just aware that this is a fake crisis?  Until you know someone who has Ebola, then you are just taking the media’s word for it.  Have they…

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