VIDEO MB Obama Risking USA Ebola Outbreak for His Own Ambitions – USA expanding Ebola vulnerability infographic – The Centers for…

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-America’s expanding vulnerability to Ebola outbreak depicted in Natural News infographic
-Ebola Riots Hit Sierra Leone As Authorities Overwhelmed
-The Centers for Everything but Disease Control
October 15, 2014 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Despite all the false assurances of government and health officials, an Ebola outbreak is now under way in the United States. The outbreak is actively spreading in Dallas, Texas, where disastrous failures in containment protocols allowed “patient zero” Thomas Duncan to expose over 100 people (medical staff and patients) to possible Ebola infections.

As with many topics, the U.S. government remains in a state of total denial about Ebola and seems to have prioritized “keeping people calm” over the far more important job of “halting Ebola infections.” The primary worry now at the highest levels of government is that if the American people truly realized just how easily a level-4 biohazard “hot agent” virus…

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