iWATCH: Report of Aggravated Chemical Assault in Alachua County 10-20-2014

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

iWATCH: Report of Chemical Assault in Alachua County 10-20-2014

Attention Law Enforcement: This is a case of Aggravated Chemical Assault most frequently by aircraft or othr levitating devices capable of releasing toxic aerosols over the public air space of Alachua County, FL. Case Law provided by Florida attorney, Ralph Behr.(Source)

iWatch Report for Alachua County

Florida iWATCH Report Link

Suspicious jet aircraft emissions consistent with toxic covert aerosol geoengineering





Demands for Chemtrail Conspiracy Arrests

Attorney Ralph Behr MugThe History Channel‘s broadcast of “Weather Warfare” focused international interest in The State of the Nation’s demand that the International Criminal Court begin a criminal investigation into what I have dubbed “The ChemtrailGate Conspiracy.” The allegations are that ChemtrailGate conspirators are spraying sulfuric acid and aluminum compounds into the upper atmosphere in criminal violation of international treaties prohibiting such acts. Chemtrails differ from Contrails (Condensation Trails). Those involved in…

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